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raum: online artist residencies
Doc’s Kingdom is in residence at raum platform, presenting “an imaginary and incomplete map” to the sound archive of the seminar’s colective discussions. Ana Eliseu and Nuno Lisboa propose an audio-drawing where we can listen to a multilingual conversation between filmmakers who participated in some of the eleven editions of Doc’s Kingdom.

Visions on 2013
Ten of the 2013 Doc's Kingdom fellows wrote texts or made short films about the latest edition of the seminar. The 16mm machine breaks down during the screening of Les Soviets plus l'électricité
, we talk to Joaquim Pinto on Skype, we make the boat trip to the Pico Island. To read and watch.

2013 archive
The archive of the 2013 edition is now available. You can access the programme and stills of the films screened, download the auxiliary texts and check the list of everyone who made this Doc's Kingdom, as well as see photographs from the Azores and drawings of the invited filmmakers. Soon, the transcriptions of the discussions.

Transcriptors needed
We would like to publish online the transcriptions of all of Doc's Kingdom discussions. The years 2000 (Portuguese only), 2002, 2005 and 2006 can already be accessed. We are looking for volunteers who can
fluently understand and write Portuguese and/ or English and who could transcribe one (1) discussion of the remaining editions. Send us an email:geral@docskingdom.org

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