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Idea of an island
15th -20th September 2013
Faial, Pico - Azores

Doc’s Kingdom – Idea of an island
A new project

For a decade, between 2000 and 2010, Doc's Kingdom International Seminar on Documentary Film was held in one of the most beautiful cities in Alentejo, in the South of Portugal, with which, somehow, all participants also dialogued. The experience in Serpa had a program, a heritage and also took testimony (for the Flaherty Seminar, so often evoked, for Robert Kramer, and then also for Van der Keuken, only missing the first edition by terminal illness...). But it was, above all, an experience marked by all those participating in it and also by a place. Today, that cycle closed and after a two-year interval, the idea is reborn in the Azores archipelago, consciously re-formed in the light of the previous experience and willing to be transformed by this new place.

Doc's Kingdom - Idea of an island (this time evocating Rossellini too) is therefore another project. Again, what is in question is a gathering expressed by the will to talk about cinema, taking concrete films as starting points for reflection, to do so informally, with time to develop ideas, providing a dialogue of generations and between people with very different degrees of experience (purposes recorded at the opening of the first book of Serpa’s debates). On the other hand, the choice of the Atlantic and of insularity correspond to the commitment to internationalization and, especially, to the principle of total immersion. Complementing the quantitative dimension of festivals and the formatting of academic space, Apordoc proposes here an experience of cinema and a global human experience that, hopefully, become one only, making a formative impact on each participant.

In 2013, the seminar takes place in the island of Faial. More exactly, in the dichotomy Faial-Pico, two places that can be considered as one. We could say that one of them (Pico) is also part of the other, as its horizon, permanent vision and mutant (cinematic) object. The Azores and, in particular, these two islands, thereby renew our choice for a place with a very strong identity, which is also a place of History and of popular culture, along with a natural cosmopolitism.

A final note to point out two other factors that have also an identity meaning: made by the team whose basic core is the same as the latest Serpa years, the seminar emphasizes a collective organization, from the programming team to the program itself, the same to all participants, without partial or parallel events; on the other hand, offering itself as a genuine platform for international dialogue, we are gradually laying the foundations for a network of partnerships with institutions that can welcome this initiative as an extensive or complementary platform for their own activities. In the center of the Azores, in the center of the Atlantic, we want to raise a new place of cinema and a different place of debate. In the Azores, the experience will restart.