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Doc’s Kingdom takes place every year in Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal during the first week of September. The International Seminar on Documentary Film gathers an international community of 100 participants for an immersive program of screenings and discussions in the presence of 10 featured filmmakers during the whole weeklong event. Each year, the program is organized in collaboration with a different guest curator. The lineup of films is kept secret until the beginning of each screening. Doc's Kingdom is the unabridged and cumulative experience including film screenings, collective discussions and the informal gathering in a bucolic environment, with guest artists in person during the whole seminar.

Originally inspired by the Flaherty seminar, Doc’s Kingdom keeps the same distinctive features since its first edition in 2000: for a week, the same group gathers to watch films and engage in informal post-screening discussions; each daily journey includes film screenings by different directors, proposing a dialogue between makers and an horizontal, nonhierarchical, collective discussion open to all participants; since 2013, in order to intensify the immersive experience and encourage seminar full attendance, the lineup of films is kept undisclosed. Throughout the intensive program of screenings and discussions, the experience is also built on the relationship with the local community where the seminar takes place.
Between 2000 and 2010, Doc’s Kingdom was held in Serpa, in the Portuguese Alentejo region. In 2013, the seminar took place in the island of Faial, Azores. Since 2007, with “The circulation of the word” as a theme, each seminar proposes a different title as a starting point for the weeklong program, such as the “World Machine” in 2018, “Surfacing Trouble” in 2017, “The End of Nature” in 2016, “Landscape: the Work of Time” in 2008.
Contrary to the quantitative dimension of festivals and the formatting of academic space, what is proposed here is an experience of cinema and a global human experience that will hopefully become one, bringing about a formative leap for participants, who are extracted from their regular contexts through the intensive schedule of screenings and discussions and the opportunity to be immersed in an inspiring place and culture.
The designation “Doc’s Kingdom” is a tribute to Robert Kramer.

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