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About the 2002 edition

The seminar concentrates on strong examples (not quantity) and on film language, rather than on production or distribution issues. It comes out of the need to interrogate the state of documentary film in a period when its obvious momentum carries out new contradictions. It aims to look into the documentary potential to renew the whole cinema practice, as well as to its resistance to the recent corset of standardization. And it looks into documentary not so much as a genre itself, but as a large territory of crucial representation issues present in all modern film.

The 2002 edition features a special dialogue with Eastern Asia film directors, following the Doc’ Kingdom seminar journey included at last year’s Yamagata film festival.
Also as a new feature, the seminar incorporates two thematic lectures/ debates, one on the Japanese documentary film and one on the present issues and challenges of documentary production in the world. In parallel to Doc’s Kingdom 2002 a special public program dedicated to the local audience will also be presented.

2002 edition


With the presence of
Jean Breschand, Gert de Graaff, Kawaguchi Hajime, Klaus Wildenhahn, Ono Satoshi, Sato Makoto, Pablo García, João Ribeiro, José Filipe Costa, Avi Mograbi,
Ivo Ferreira,
Catarina Mourão, Zhong Hua, José Luis Guerín


10 am       
Jean Breschand
Je vous suis par la présente (2001, 18’)

Gert de Graaff
The Sea that Thinks (2000,100’)

Kawaguchi Hajime
Variant Phases (2001, 51’)

3 pm          Discussion with Jean Breschand, Gert de Graaff,
Kawaguchi Hajime

10 pm        Eduardo Coutinho

Edifício Master (2002, 110’)


10 am        Klaus Wildenhahn

John Cage (1966, 58’)

Ono Satoshi
Danchizake [Homemade Sake] (2001, 49’)

Sato Makoto
Hanako (2001, 60’)

3 pm         
Discussion with Klaus Wildenhahn, Ono Satoshi, Sato Makoto

6.30 pm     Conference by Sadao Yamane

10 pm        Luciana Fina, Olga Ramos

24 Horas e Outra Terra (2002, 45’)

Pablo García
Fuente Álamo, La carícia del tiempo (2001, 72’)

10 am        João Ribeiro, José Filipe Costa

Entre Muros (2002, 75’)

Avi Mograbi
August (2002, 72’)

3 pm         
Discussion with João Ribeiro, José Filipe Costa, Avi Mograbi, Pablo García

10 pm        Ivo Ferreira

Em Volta (2002, 111’)


10 am        Catarina Mourão

Desassossego (2002, 82’)

Zhong Hua
This Winter (2001, 90’)

3 pm         
Discussion with Catarina Mourão, Zhong Hua, Ivo Ferreira

6.30 pm     Conference by Gérald Collas

10 pm        Robert Kramer

Cités de la Plaine (1999-2000, 110’)


10 am
       Klaus Wildenhahn
In der Fremde [Far from Home] (1967, 81’)

José Luis Guerín
En construcción (2000, 125’)

3 pm         
Discussion with Klaus Wildenhahn, José Luis Guerín

10 pm        Abbas Kiarostami

Khane-ye doust kodjast? [Where Is the Friend's Home?] (1987, 90’)

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