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Nuno Lisboa is the 2017 Flaherty Seminar Programmer

The director of Doc’s Kingdom will be the programmer of the 63rd Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. Founded by Frances Flaherty in 1955, the seminar selects each year a different programmer to shape the theme, objective and group of featured filmmakers.

Nuno Lisboa is the first portuguese programming the Flaherty, where filmmakers Joaquim Pinto, in 2015, Susana de Sousa Dias, in 2012, and Pedro Costa, in 2008, were featured in recent editions.

Doc’s Kingdom is originally inspired by the Flaherty experience, knowing that JosÚ Manuel Costa - co-founder of Doc's Kingdom in 2000 and its director during the first decade - participated in the 25th Flaherty in 1979.

With their own distinctive identities, Doc’s Kingdom and the Flaherty do share a number of unique features, proposing an intensive program of screenings, discussions, meals and encounters in the presence of the filmmakers, within an informal atmosphere allowing to break traditional borders between directors and spectators.

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